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Delivery Schedules

The answer is very simple, 

-- We are an LLC conrporation. File Number 804083017
-- We collect and pay sales taxes. Permit number: 3-20391-5281-7
-- Visit our Facebook page. With thousands of followers.
-- Our Nextdaypets account since 2004
-- Visit our "Real Customers page" With many past customers from many years ago.
-- Reliable payments like credit cards and PayPal
-- Financing available through Terrance Finance, can scams finance anything at all?.
-- We have a contract with MONEY BACK health guarantees.
-- Puppies are released with up to date vaccinations, dewormings and microchip.
-- We post lots of photos and a video so you can see our puppies in action.
-- Scam websites are new and won't last a few months scamming people before they close it down and open a new one. On any Whois database (https://lookup.icann.org/ as example) you can easily check when our website has been created.

All puppies are available for a visit at the age of 2 months old or later, before that age we can only update videos and pictures every 7-10 days during our normal schedules.

To make an appoinment please visit


Unfortunately Each hobby breeder does this as a part time only. They all have full time jobs and can’t be home all day to potty train. So they make sure they have absorbent materials (like shredded paper or doggy pads as example) all over their play pen Just to keep them clean But that obviously will not potty train them However will be a lot easier for you to potty train just one puppy.  

It depends on many factor including but not limited to size, age, color, linage, and also it is up to each breeder's criteria.

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