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Pick ups will get a free plastic carrier.

Please be careful, there are a lot of fraud activities out there.

People are getting ripped off in many many ways

  • PLEASE DO NOT BUY PUPPIES FROM toymaltipoopuppies.com, they are stealing photos from our testimonials page.

  • Please be careful with those websites selling Maltipoos for $600, Their phone number is Canadian and their Whois website information shows they are located in Panama, Some people had complained that they are scams, please be careful
  • Please avoid puppy-mills; don’t be tempted by their cheap prices.
  • Be careful with sellers from foreign countries, especially those who claim to be a pastor or a priest and are trying to find a good home for their free puppy, they usually ask you to wire money for delivery fees.
  • Avoid wire transfer; there is no way you can get your money back if your puppy gets sick, dies or if you don't get a puppy at all. Instead use PayPal, Credit cards or Escrow.com.
  • Be careful with sellers who are bringing puppies from Mexico, some even smuggle them and these may carry diseases.
  • Be careful with underage puppies, a lot of breeders will sell you a puppy as teacup when in fact they are only 4-5 weeks old at the time of sale to make you believe that you are getting an amazing deal.
  • Be careful with local breeders who only give you 1-3 days health guarantee, I'd suggest you to get at least 1 year warranty since it takes a few months for genetic issues to appear and up to 15 days for diseases to show symptoms. Make sure this is in writing.
  • Ask for credentials, testimonials or references from past customers.
  • Avoid meeting a breeder or seller at a gas station. Get their address and so you can see where they live in case their puppy becomes unhealthy, don't just be satisfied with a phone number since they can easily change it or disconnect it.
  • Avoid buying a puppy from flea markets, many people have reported to buy a puppy that became sick and died a few days later, losing the puppy, their money and the vet bills. "What's cheap turn out to be expensive" In other words, don't buy a puppy for their low price, at the end you know that "you get what you pay for".
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