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Sharing is caring, so here I will share with my customers and other breeders what I have designed to keep my dogs happy, healthy and clean.
First of all, I have 2 kennels and 2 nursing rooms with indoor/outdoor access for mommy's when they have babies. The 2 kennels are divided by 3 compartments and a larger outdoor playground area (My whole backyard) so they can run around for a couple of hours every day. 
  1. Indoor: where they have air conditioning and heater for cold days.
  2. Outdoor: where they do their restroom needs, this area is has pea gravel on the floor, I like it very much because it's easy to clean and it doesn't smell.
  3. Shaded area: here is where they have some dog houses and the floor it's made of concrete so it can easily be cleaned and sanitized. They play most of the day between these 3 compartments, food and water is always available for them.
 This is the outdoor shaded area with concrete floor


I use different dog houses, some of them I built them myself
And I exchange them depending on the season
They get very cozy in there
Designed to be easily sanitized
This is part of the outdoor with pea gravel for their restroom needs.
This door is their way in to the indoors
 Front side of the outdoor shaded area
 This is a lifted dog house I've built so it is easier to clean below.
A door to the indoors where AC and heater is
 Here is a little door to the outdoors where the pea gravel is located so they can do their restroom needs
On the way out to the restroom
Pea gravel works wonderful for them

For indoors I use different types of crates, homemade wood beds and play pens. Here are some examples




Here is where we all get together so we can play with my family members and friends when they come.
 Some extra houses in case they want to play inside
After a fun and tired day, the adults go to their crates at nights where they sleep until I let them out in the morning.


These are mainly designed for my females to nurse their puppies. They also get a chance to play outside everyday for a couple of hours so they don't get stressed

Nursing room #1

Nursing room #2
I made these so the mommy's can nurse their puppies.
I also use them as beds, by putting some felt fabrics inside
(I sew them on my free time, scroll down to see examples)

I have bought many dog beds through my years of experience and let me tell you that I have been disappointed with their quality. My dogs/puppies will easily rip them off and it was frustrating that after spending from $10 to $25 on each bed they wouldn't last a few months. That being said, I decided to be more creative and tested some materials, and I came to the conclusion that the best and long lasting beds are the ones you make yourself. So I bought different felt fabrics from Walmart, dollar stores, etc and started sewing them. So far they work great, they are easy to wash and feel very comfortable for them. I put 2 of them on each side, and since each yard of fabrics makes 4 layers, they are thick enough to keep them comfortable and relaxed.

Here some examples

They will last longer for sure, give it a try.


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