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Find Maltichon puppies for sale in Texas from ABC Puppy. Explore our website today and find out more about the wonderful Maltichon puppies.

The Maltichon has the appearance like a fluffy, soft, cotton ball, and became popular for its looks, temperament and its compatibility with other pets.

A mix between the Maltese (standard, miniature or teacup) and the Bichon Frise, As a result, came to be this doll-like appearance from both their parents that are also covered with tender, flossy hair.

Some maltichons have a roundish face with two dark button-like eyes, hanging ears and a darkish/brownish triangular muzzle. Matching with its fluffy looks, they have a short, hairy tail, and their feet are shorter with respect to the body.

Maltichons are social, friendly, loving and very affectionate, and Because of their nice behavior, they make an excellent family pet that are very compatible with small apartments or big houses.


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